Saturday, 10 November 2007

Free sheet music: Bach, 4 duets for clarinet and bass clarinet

My first post in this blog is dedicated to a set of duets for clarinet and bass clarinet that are an adaptation of Bach duets BWV 802, 803, 804 and 805.

I really recommend that you try to play these duets and put some effort into it. It's not easy music, both technically and musically, but the reward is really worth the effort.

As I will do for all arrangements that I have made myself, I publish both the music as PDF and in source format (Sibelius). Midi files have also been added to the Zip file (2007-11-17).

Download Bach 4 duets for clarinet and bass clarinet

You are allowed to do whatever you wish with this music, beside selling it. ;-)

I would really appreciate if you let me know what do you think about it. I would also love if you let me know if you are going to play it and change the arrangement. Even better if you are playing it and make a record of it. I'd love to publish your recordings!

PS The original scores for the 4 duets can be downloaded from the Sheet Music World Center:


Anonymous said...

You write about sibelius and you should try uploading on as well. It's new and it's for free.

Steve Newman said...

thanks for your fine work on this.
i have done some of this kind of thing and i know it takes a lot of work to do right.
one suggestion- the midi files would be more useful if you separated the voices - one clarinet to the left channel, the other to the right. that way they can be used as play-along practice tracks. You can shut out the voice you are playing, or leave a some of it as a guide, using the panning control on playback. i know finale and smartscore allow you to set the panning of each staff, so i'm guessing sibelius would have that capability also

thanks, again. i look forward to working on these.

steve newman,
santa cruz, ca. usa