Friday, 30 November 2007

Free sheet music: Andantino from string quartet op. 10 by Debussy

Through the years and the history of classical music, lots of beautiful string quartets have been composed. Among the giants of this genre, who contributed with several works for this ensemble, we find Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Dvorak, Shostakovich...

Then there are some composers who only wrote one work for this ensemble. One of these composers is Claude Debussy. And he wrote a really marvellous string quartet.

When choosing a string quartet to be adapted for a clarinet quartet there are few parameters to keep in mind, I am planning to write my opinion on this subject as soon as I have time. Unfortunately Debussy's quartet does not really comply to these parameters. However the third movement of Debussy's quartet, the Andantino, works pretty well when adapted to a clarinet ensemble with 3 Bb clarinets and one bass clarinet.

(Updated 2nd december) I also included a part for a 4th clarinet in case the bass clarinet is not available.

I'll share my adaptation with you, I hope you enjoy it.

Download Andantino from Debussy's String Quartet Op. 10 (PDF, Sibelius score and Midi files)

The original score is available through the Gutenberg Sheet Music project. It is a scan of the public domain edition, not very comfortable to handle but better than nothing. Click here to open the Debussy's score at the Gutenberg Project.

If you play this music, let me know your opinion about it!

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