Thursday, 13 December 2007

Martin Fröst: Crusell clarinet Concert (Gothenburg 2007-12-13)

Martin Fröst is a great musician and, although still young, one of the finest clarinetist in the world. In Sweden he is almost a rockstar.

Tonight I saw him playing Crusell's second clarinet concert. Brilliant music that Martin Fröst delivered with personality and commitment, as usual. Probably not the most orthodox of interpretations, as Martin Fröst takes always much freedom in his playing. Particularly phrasing was at times almost aggressive and at other times very soft, and he made good use of the whole register of dynamics.

His very personal approach to the composition breathes life and temperament into a work that otherwise could sound even dull in its obstinate virtuosity.

Behind his musicality and originality, what strikes me most in Fröst's style of playing is his ability to keep a beautiful and rich tone even when playing much softer than pianissimo, an ability he is well aware of and that very gladly uses in every cadenza or wherever the music allows for it.

As an encore he played a Klezmer tune with lots of schwung that made the audience swing and, even if for a brief moment, feel some warm in the middle of the Scandinavian winter.

For all of you who are curious about Martin Fröst I attach here below a presentation video published by the artist on YouTube. More information can be found on Martin Fröst's website.

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