Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Statistical roundup of 2007

This blog was born the 9th November 2007. 2007 was quite a short year with just 53 days. Here are few statistical remarks on the blog for your curiosity:

  • 1534 different visits (an average of 30 days per day) made by 714 different individuals
  • Each visit lasted for an average of 3:05 minutes
  • Visitors were coming from 55 different countries, stretching from Eritrea to Latvia, from Iran to Mexico, from Barbados to South Korea... 41% of visits were from USA, 23% from Italy. Sweden, UK, Canada and Spain follow with percentage between 5% and 2%, and then France, the Netherlands, Japan, Brazil, Australia...
  • There were about 1200 registered downloads. The most downloaded file was Mozart K616, closely followed by the solo sonata of CPE Bach and the Andantino of Debussy.

Thanks to all of you and best wishes for a joyful 2008!

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